Welcome to the Beta Re-Launch of Touring Fans!

Feel free to register and poke around, but please bear with us while we continue to develop and tweak the site. Should you find any major issues, please contact Katrina@touringfans.net.

Things are a little bare at the moment. But we’ve got some exciting things in the works to help grow this community. Here are just a few of the things we currently have in development:

  1. * Need/Have : A ticket swap and travel board for fans to trade or sell tickets, find rides, hotels, etc.

    * Fan Art Market: Pearl Jam inspired creativity is in abundance. This will serve as a one-stop shop for fan-made goods and create an outlet for fans to sell those goods.

    * Stat Track: We can’t say enough good stuff about the PJ Stat Tracker app. Fingers crossed we can work with them to get that same information here. Keep you posted!

Please be patient as we continue to fill in the blanks so to speak. Do you https://www.besttrackingapps.com/ not have this nagging doubt that there could be a better way, something a little more automated and with less room for error

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