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2013 Fall Tour

Pittsburgh, PA 10/11/13
Buffalo, NY 10/12/13
Worcester, MA 10/15/13
Worcester, MA 10/16/13
Brooklyn, NY 10/18/13
Brooklyn, NY 10/19/13
Philadelphia, PA 10/21/13
Philadelphia, PA 10/22/13
Hartford, CT 10/25/13
Baltimore, MD 10/27/13
Charlottesville, VA 10/29/13
Charlotte, NC 10/30/13
Dallas, TX 11/15/13
Oklahoma City, OK 11/16/13
Phoenix, AZ 11/19/13
San Diego, CA 11/21/13
Los Angeles, CA 11/23/13
Los Angeles, CA 11/24/13
Oakland, CA 11/26/13
Portland, OR 11/29/13
Spokane, WA 11/30/13
Calgary, Canada 12/02/13
Vancouver, Canada 12/04/13
Seattle, WA 12/06/13

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