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Category: Role Playing Games

Forest of Tears (MERP ICE #8015)

By Charles Crutchfield

This complement attracts adventurers into the mysterious Suza Sumar, a rainforest thriving in wilderness sands. The Honnin, a hidden humans regarding the Woses of the Ered Nimrais, stay among the boles of the good timber, harvesting the forest's bounties and zealously guarding their secrecy. regardless of their warning, the darkish Lord's schemes quickly may possibly boil out of the wooded area of Tears to overrun all of a long way Harad.

Explore the sunspeckled twilight underneath the boughs of the woodland of Tears. Amidst the songs of brilliantly feathered birds, a small humans struggles with its insane gods, scuffling with to maintain the traditions of its age-old society intact. keen about secrecy, the Honnin are afflicted by way of a cannibalistic spirit who preys on its worshippers and a Tavari seduced by way of Sauron's supplies of strength. those risks threaten viewers to the mysterious wooded area of Tears.


- FULL-COLOR MAPS: together with a neighborhood map and a map of the within sight urban of Bozisha-Dar.
- 3 intriguing ADVENTURES: confront an order of the Honnin priests purpose on guarding the secrecy of "The Hidden Shrine"; avenge the loss of life of a Haradan adolescence in "The Tower of Birds"; and wrestle a neighborhood goddess pledged to Sauron's carrier in "The urban of Pred".
- particular LAYOUTS: of all experience sites.
- facts: for Honnin monks and priests, beasts of the Suza Sumar, and one of many strong Tavari.

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Wraith: The Oblivion (1st Edition)

By Sam Chupp, Mark Rein-Hagen, Jennifer Hartshorn

A Storytelling video game of loss of life and Damnation
With each one passing day, Oblivion encroaches extra. With each soul that surrenders to Shadow, the top attracts ever nearer.
The global isn't really as we all know it. Decay's candy stench now clings to all we carry pricey. it's referred to as the Shadowlands.
In loss of life there's nowhere to conceal, nowhere to run from the dislike and worry, discomfort and bitterness, the Shadow within.
Hope is fragile, and few have the braveness, the fervour, to stand loss of life and say, "I don't cross light into that reliable night."

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Bigger Bads

By Benjamin Baugh

Greater Bads is a sourcebook for the multi-Ennie Award-nominated roleplaying online game Monsters and different infantile issues. larger Bads is written by way of Monsters author Benjamin Baugh and illustrated by means of Robert Mansperger.

Bigger Bads introduces rather vast monsters to the sport, in addition to enjoyable new principles thoughts, new thoughts for “weird kids” with their very own gigantic powers, a brand new crusade environment, and a ton (actually, loads of lots) of recent antagonists.

Bigger Bads positive aspects . . .

  • New ideas for big monsters.
  • New non-compulsory strive against principles for children and monsters.
  • New “weird kid” powers.
  • New principles for making significant risks and failures part of the action.
  • A new crusade atmosphere, pass cross Monster strength Zeta!
  • Loads of latest antagonists! company monster Levi A. Than . . . Mi-Go’Jirrah the potent Fungus Lizard . . . Your (Hot) New Stepmom (from California) . . . and dozens more.
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    Equinox Road (Changeling: the Lost)

    By Chuck Wendig, Malcolm Sheppard, John Snead, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Alex Scokel

    The trail Perilous

    The highway is risky, and you'll be torn aside by way of the Thorns. The vacation spot is a probability of dying, or the go back to slavery. yet there’s a lot to be received for these courageous and shrewdpermanent sufficient to dare the go back — the go back to Faerie.

    A Chronicle publication for Changeling: The Lost™
    • recommendation at the Changeling endgame, from elevated energy degrees and forging new Contracts to the narrative constitution of the game
    • advice on taking a chronicle into Arcadia itself, dealing with the dangers there and the real Fae at their peak of power
    • Wyrd evolution, Faerie domain names, the sport of Immortals, and extra

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    Delta Green: Countdown: A Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook of Modern Horror and Conspiracy

    By John Tynes, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller

    No destiny. Get used to the style of ashes.

    The Countdown to the apocalypse has began. As our darkened globe spins throughout the everlasting evening, the lasting legacy of the human race is not anything yet a scream - drowned out by means of the roar of the future devouring us all. this is often your final likelihood to teach the cosmos what it capability to be human: the need to fight.

    Delta eco-friendly: Countdown blows the doorways off the realm of Delta eco-friendly, achieving wider and digging deeper to map the terrain of the twisted pulp apocalypse we name the dawning of the twenty first century. Brace your self for the ultimate global order: The bugs of Shaggai, alien parasites subverting the management of a kingdom; Pisces, the U.K.'s try and harness the unknown; the military of the 3rd Eye, terrorists battling a bloody conflict opposed to alien invaders; GRU SV-8, a band of determined operatives battling darkness within the ruins of Russia; The Skoptsi, occult lovers with an eight-hundred-year legacy; The Outlook staff, the place Majestic-12 exams its elite; Phenomen-X, a syndicated television information convey that pokes its digital camera in the entire unsuitable locations; Tiger Transit, a former CIA airline now within the clutches of a Tcho-Tcho drug cartel; The D Stacks a the yankee Museum of typical historical past, the place Dr. Jensen Wu classifies the unclassifiable; The Keepers of the religion, traditionalist ghouls struggling with the tilt and hungry Heretic ghouls underneath the streets of long island; and the Hastur Mythos, a twisted skein of surreal destruction weaving its means via humanity.


  • new talents and spells
  • new Mythos tomes
  • rules for psychics
  • a microbiologist's dossiers on paranormal lifeforms
  • profiles of overseas intelligence and law-enforcement agencies
  • dozens of priceless NPCs
  • two situations and a brief campaign
  • Of 57,237 entries within the authoritative video game Index, Delta eco-friendly: Countdown ranks #1, because it has for 5 years.

    Winner of the 1999 Origins Award for top Roleplaying complement.

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    Xenology: Notes and Research from the Alien Bestiary of Biegel (Warhammer 40, 000)

    By Simon Spurrier

    This history e-book is an Inquisition research into the varied alien risk that threatens the Imperium. In a far-flung study station on Biegel nine, a renegade inquisitor has collected jointly a suite of extraterrestrial beings from around the galaxy and is maintaining them alive to check. while a rival inquisitor is shipped to enquire his heretical menagerie, he uncovers many stuff top left undiscovered. With beautiful heritage info on the entire major alien races of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and a few new discoveries to boot, it's choked with remarkable new paintings, together with special dissections of the topics investigated. darkish secrets and techniques are published, not just concerning the attention-grabbing creatures less than scrutiny, but additionally the operating of the shadowy Ordo Xenos itself. This e-book is a needs to for any fanatics of extraterrestrial beings and the Warhammer 40,000.

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    The Devil's Spine

    By Monte Cook

    The Devil’s backbone wraps 3 detailed adventures in an exciting, hard-driving body story—run them (in any order) as a mini-campaign, or forget about the body tale and use them as standalone adventures. they provide gaming teams a style of the wonderful Numenera atmosphere and exhibit the narrative constitution of the sport and its evocative world.

    The terrifying Devil’s backbone graft will declare a lifestyles, and the clock is ticking. removal it is going to ship the characters to the depths of the Mechanized Tomb, right into a internet of Viral Transmissions, and finally off the corebook map and into uncharted territory once they transcend the Maelstrom.

    In addition to introducing new territories now not lined within the Numenera corebook, The Devil’s backbone additionally bargains new creatures, characters, and goods so as to add to any crusade.

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    Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Arms Law

    By Tim Dugger, Heike A. Kubasch

    Rolemaster fable Roleplaying is a really versatile and finished RPG-system from Iron Crown firms:
    This torrent comprises Spell legislations; hands Law.
    From the web site:

    This is the RMFRP model of our vintage wrestle approach, palms Law.

    Arms legislations wrestle is the kind of wrestle that may depart you shaking on your boots and bragging on your buddies. not more ho-hum, uninteresting strive against, no longer with interesting severe and fumble effects liven issues up.

    30 person weapon assault tables
    13 precise assault tables
    Hundreds of serious strike results
    Dozens of fumble effects

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