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A Commentary on Thucydides, Volume 1: Books I - III

By Simon Hornblower

This can be the 1st quantity of a two-volume old and literary remark at the 8 books of Thucydides, the good fifth-century B.C. historian of the Peloponnesian conflict among Athens and Sparta. Exploring either the ancient and literary elements of the paintings, this observation offers translations of each passage or word of Greek commented on and permits readers with little wisdom of the language to understand the element of Thucydides' paintings. Making obtainable the aspect of Thucydides' concept and material, this can be the 1st whole observation written through a unmarried writer this century.

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Five for the Spartans as fipaSeis and seventy one. four the place the Corinthians confer with Spartan ‘slowness’, fipa&vTijs (cp. eighty four. 1: Archi­ damos). This, see introductory n. to 67-88, is an instance of a corres­ pondence among speeches A and B and C which needs to be set opposed to the extra seen A : C and B : D correspondences and is facts that the feel of all 4 speeches is interwoven. aXXoTpiats: ‘which aren't any quandary of yours’. spoke back by means of Sthenelaidas at 86. 2: see n. there on oiiSe /xeXXijaoixev and so forth. four. Ta 8e Sia<|>opa Siktj XueaOai okay o tq tt)v |u v zero t)ktiv: ‘let our adjustments be made up our minds by way of arbitration in accordance with the treaty’.

Trept dXAwv: ‘on different business’. Raubitschek (see lower than, introductory n. to 73-78) guesses, no longer very convincingly, that this ‘other company’ could have involved the Megarian Decrees. uv cu -nroXcis IvcicdXouv: ‘the accusations introduced opposed to them through the cities’. This word might be a sign that the genuine Corinthian speech had way more to assert concerning the a ’nCai or publicly alleged purposes (see 23) than Th. permits us to consider. See additionally 88 lower than, the place twv £vfxfj. dxo>v, ‘speeches in their allies’, is in impression a connection with the current passage.

S vocabulary for proof see Thucydides, iooff. aKpd^ovTes: ‘at the whole top in their army strength’ lit. ‘in their prime’; a organic metaphor. Such metaphors are common in Th. and inform opposed to makes an attempt to argue that he distinctive among the behaviour of states and the behaviour of people. to dXXo 'EAAt]v ik 6 v : ‘the remainder of the Greeks’. a favorite expression of Th. : cp. i. 15. three (the Lelantine conflict) or iv. 20. four, the place the Spartans at Athens in 425 say that in the event that they and Athens do a deal ‘the remainder of Greece’ will recognize them.

89. eight, iv. 14. three and vii. sixty two. 2. (The final passage echoes the current one in a strange means: Tre^ofiaxia npoa^opa earai there reads and sounds very similar to 77e^o/xaxta . . . Trpoacf>€prjs the following, however the adjectives suggest really dif­ ferent issues. vp6aopa is from 7Tp6aopos and capacity ‘advantageous’, no longer ‘similar’. yet absolutely Th. was once unconsciously stimulated in ebook vii via his personal word in booklet i. ) three. Sl€kttXoi S ’ o u ok r|aav: ‘There have been no makes an attempt to wreck the enemy’s line’. This recognized manoeuvre most likely capacity punching a gap within the enemy’s line after which turning to ram his ships amidships.

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