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A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, Volume 2: Books IX-XVI

By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

This 2d booklet of a observation compiled by means of a world workforce of students contains an creation discussing earlier study at the Odyssey, its relation to the Iliad, the epic dialect, and the transmission of the textual content.

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Additionally £v~vopo olvov (iv 622) and the improvement of lvpwv (when used with olvo-;), xiv 464 n. 20. tEpOV joLEvOS 1\XKLVOoLo: such periphrases (cf. 'His Royal Highness' and so on. ) have their genuine foundation within the conventions of court docket kind: analogies from Egypt and the close to East in Stella, Ulisse, sixteen ff. , sixty five ff. , 107 ff. , 163-4. for the reason that in Greece similar stipulations are just present in Mycenaean instances, a few of these formulae may perhaps mirror Mycenaean titles, cf. Webster, Mycenae, 70 and passim. On their stylistic worth see F.

1) and Eisenberger (Studien, I93· 2)). Odysseus' collection of assisting instance for his argument at 208 is justified through occasions: the workforce escapes Scylla with the lack of six males, the exact same quantity that have been misplaced to Polyphemus. the one hassle is posed via 209, which has the weird scansion ;1rl, which should still, despite the fact that, be authorised. Zenodotus' analyzing lxe1 is perhaps a conjecture (suggested by means of xx eighty three? ) in keeping with the MS-variants £7Tn/l7TEt/€7Tei (which are in reality impossible); cf. Ameis-Hentze, Anhang, ii I 36, van der Valk, Textual feedback, forty nine, ninety nine· 129 COMMENTARY Odysseus implies that the KaKov earlier than them (Too£) is actually (o~) not more ambitious (p.

For the 1st 1/2 the road cf. 466•. every one ghost asks after his K~ll£a no matter what is most vital to him (as did Agamemnon (457-6I) and Achilles (492-7) ); cf. ix 402 £ipov-ro ... OTTI E K~llot. 545· the competition was once therefore settled through arbitration. 8,Katol'wos: Odysseus pleads his case, and consents to be certain through the choice of the tribunal. YLK'I')aQ is ingressive. 546. £&,Kt: se. uvxm. Thetis had determined to award the hands to the fellow who had contributed such a lot to the duty of securing the physique. 547· the road used to be rejected by way of Aristarchus.

They stay in ordinary 20 BOOK IX 105-106 caves, every one for himself with out regard for the others ( 113-15). This preliminary description is supplemented in 125-30: the Cyclopes comprehend not anything of shipbuilding and seafaring. different info, given later, supplement the image: Polyphemus understands no al8ws (26g, 272-3); and he respects neither the gods nor the sacred legislation of hospitality (275-6). The sociological implications are transparent: the poet has painted an image of a humans at the lowest cultural point, without all that provides human lifestyles its targeted caliber.

Kirk, Songs, 237, W. Theiler, MHxix (I962), 22. ninety six, Lesky' Homeros, I 26, A. Dihle, op. ci t. (X 509- I 2 n. ), I five I. not just is there no facts of such dependence; it's also hugely unbelievable. a standard resource for either the post-Hesiodic catalogue poetry and the genealogical passage in xi turns out extra possible (Heubeck, Dichter, I9-22, 33-5, Webster, Mycenae, I seventy eight ff. ); indeed]. T. Kakridis (Poetica, v ( I972), 152-63) has tested the life of a pre-Homeric oral culture of catalogue poetry in lonia, and proven its value within the improvement of fantasy and epic.

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